This course looks at the different strategies in e-learning in more detail and covers aspects that include basic design principles for each strategy, best practices, and factors to be considered when evaluating e-learning courses and programmes.
  • The purpose of this course is to provide you with a basic knowledge about the theory of evaluation as it applies to the evaluation of e-Learning programmes and products. It will also provide you the skills you need in planning and conducting specific evaluation events.

    The designers and developers of this course aim to give you a big picture view of the field of evaluation before looking in detail at evaluation of e-learning products and materials. This approach has been taken because we believe that the principles and processes of evaluation are relevant for both large and small evaluation events.

    The course will not go into too much detail on specific evaluation methods and instruments – this is a course in itself. We have however provided you with resources and links to resources that you can follow up in your own time after the workshop.

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